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2014-01-22 - Get the screen brightness keys working in Ubuntu on the Thinkpad E430

The hardware on the Thinkpad E430 has thus far worked perfectly in Ubuntu with one exception. The screen brightness function keys. This post on askubuntu explains the problem and solution.

2014-01-22 - Mount a Windows file share in Ubuntu as a normal user

This is something I have figure out every time I come back to Ubuntu after not setting up a new machine for a long time.

2014-01-22 - Make the Backspace key work in Firefox on Ubuntu

Another Ubuntu oddity. Who doesn't use the Backspace key to go back in their browser? The Ubuntu users at Firefox, apparently.

2014-01-21 - First Post!

Started a new thing tonight. I installed Ubuntu for the first time in years (it's come a long way) and am geeking out with Jekyll hosted on Github Pages. Fun stuff.

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