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2014-02-12 - How to get Pagination working in Jekyll

While reading through the Jekyll documentation on Pagination, I thought I'd give it a go on this site.

2014-02-09 - Changing the key mapping for switching tabs in gedit

The default text editor in Ubuntu is gedit. If you're coming from Windows, you probably think this is akin to Notepad and should be immediately discarded as an option for use beyond the simplest of editing tasks.

2014-02-07 - Why Estimates Are Important

I've worked at agencies for my entire career. Agencies are unique among software companies in their singular obsession with time. Time is their bread and butter, so they tend to pay a lot of attention to how long things take. You can go so far as to say that a service business is as profitable as their ability to accurately estimate their work. (Value pricing is for another post.)

2014-01-28 - Hit Aggregator Programming Problem

This programming problem came to me through an interview some time ago. Maybe I'm slow, but it's not the type of problem I can solve in 10-15 minutes under the stress of an interview and coding on a whiteboard. I didn't get the job, but I did go home and solve the problem on my own - for fun. I ended up spending a couple hours coding it after mulling over the problem for an afternoon during the course of other activities. It's an interesting data structure problem.

2014-01-26 - My .vimrc File

colorscheme slate

2014-01-26 - Determining the user's home path and the current path in Java

If you're writing a Java app and need to open or save a file, you may wonder how to determine where to look for or put the file. Three options come to mind.

2014-01-24 - A palindrome test function in JavaScript

We gave this test at some dev interviews today: write a function that returns true if the word passed to it is a palindrome (the same backwards as forwards) or false if not.

2014-01-24 - Browser-based crossword puzzle implemented in JavaScript

This is a browser-based crossword puzzle game implemented completely in JavaScript. I wrote this sometime last summer. Some of its features:

2014-01-23 - Customize Key Bindings in Ubuntu's Text Editor (gedit)

I wanted to insert the date and time into a text file using a keystroke. Here's how.

2014-01-22 - Ubuntu VPN Troubleshooting

Trying to get a VPN to a Windows 2008 server working on a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 install. Just gave me a useless "connection failed" message. Here's what fixed it:

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