Programming Ideas

Here are some fun programming ideas I've collected.

  • Simple server side script to write and edit Jekyll posts, kick off commits and site builds
  • Katas from
  • A placeholder image server featuring guinea pigs
  • Rails project to connect people in a group for 1-1 meetings
  • Write an SVG guage control
  • A round-trip BDD example
  • Extensible site-to-site SSO service
  • Post: Project management and process for developers
  • Word search (false starts, linear/nonlinear)
  • Examples of common data structures
  • Post: Value pricing
  • Maze generator (square, circular)
  • Generate repeatable random number sets from a seed
  • Music generator with pluggable rule sets
  • Create a simple game using or
  • Simple minecraft mod - how about a Bell block for hanging in church steeples
  • Wordpress sandbox site with bootstrap and page builder

Ideas that apply specifically to this site:

  • Jekyll-based personal programming knowledgebase (big, needs some planning)
  • Automate updates to the static site from this repo

And here are some I've already done that I'll try and get around to posting about here.

  • A very lightweight persistence library for Java
  • Time sheet processor
  • Some simple Java utility classes

An AI project:

  • Simulate a baby's/child's brain
  • Observe environment and experiment, repeat what works
  • Use a programming language as the environment, programming tasks as the skill
  • Child learns to talk by listening and mimicking by making noises
    • Attempt random actions and keep those that give some result, omit those that give an error
  • Learn what is possible and what "works" through trial and error
    • Need to identify some basic goals, like outputing a string, computing numbers, simple algorithms
  • Observe and mimic others
    • Given a simple working program, learn from it

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